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Leslie Kenton's Love affairPublished on the 17th Febuary 2010
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Leslie Kenton's Love affair: a story of obsession tragedy and grace
"Kenton's composure in describing all this, and the quality of forgiveness that she seems able to bestow...is little short of heroic. As an account of a damaged childhood made good, her memoir is brave and inspiring" - Daily Mail

Love Affair is in no way a "victim memoir."   The book is a celebration of the essence of human beings, and a description of the kind of healing that is possible for all of us regardless of who we are or what has happened in our lives.  Each one of us, in our own way, experiences trauma and grief - it does not have to be as extreme as I experienced.

From childhood onwards - as a result of our upbringing, education, and year-to-year events that happen to us - each of us holds false beliefs about who we  are as well as distorted attitudes about what is possible for us.  These things limit us.  They interfere with our living life from the core of our being with joy and creativity, love and grace. 

"Leslie Kenton's determination to ignore the pressures and assumptions of our times and to write her own book in her own way represents a rare kind of bravery" - Terence Blacker, Independent

The book is not just a personal story although, on one level, it is highly personal to me. Love Affair is also - and more importantly - a map of the process by which human illusions, false ideas, limiting beliefs and attitudes can be gracefully cleared.  The key to this kind of deep soul transformation is learning to connect with the essence of who we are at the deepest level of our being. When we do, our entire experience of life expands.  We connect with a sense of meaning unique to us and can live more and more from our own truth.  No experience is more satisfying or fulfilling. I see this happening to people throughout the globe.  Love Affair charts this territory, telling how this can happen for anyone no matter who they are or what kind of life they have lived until now.
Love Affair was not a book I ever intended to write.  You can hear about this by watching the video above.  I retreated into solitude in a large house behind a walled garden for four years, seeing no-one except my immediate family while writing it. 
This process took me to the depths of my soul bringing light into my own darkness.  When I began to write, I had no idea where all this would take me.  Now I realize that my work for the past 30 years has been about my having to make this journey - a journey to the depths - and then to bring back whatever hidden treasures lay beneath my own traumas and limiting beliefs.  It suddenly now makes sense that, following Gail Rebuck's persistent urging that I write a memoir, I decided to write this book. "It will become the bridge between the work you have done until now," she told me, "and what you will be doing in the future."

"In this brave memoir of growing up Leslie reveals how the complex relationship she shared with her father has led to heartbreak and redemption" - Express

Now I see Gail was right.  All my work for the past 30 years has been about discovering ways and means by which we human beings can connect with that the core of our authentic self and come to live our lives from it.  There is nothing more rewarding.  For the essence of each of us is magnificent.  It is both highly individual to each man and woman in the world, yet at the same time universally divine.  What a marvelous enigma.
This is a challenging yet wonderful time in which we are living - a moment in history where the social, economic and ecological order we have known before is breaking down.  Everything is in flux.  I am excited about what is happening in the midst of such profound upheaval. It feels like a new world is in the process of gestation.  I suspect that, for the first time, the gift of becoming who, in truth, we already are but don't yet know it, is being offered not just to a few enlightened beings.  It is available to all of us right here, right now.  
Now I see something that I had no idea of when I wrote the book: In some ways Love Affair is a blueprint for how this takes place.  It creates a whole new mythology about light and dark that can be transformative to the lives of those of us who are ripe to leave behind the "them and us" mentality and move into an experience of expanded awareness, creativity and personal power.  May it bring blessings to all who read it.